Our mission is to reduce food waste, improve quality of life for pet owners and cats everywhere.

We are a non-profit organization that strives to leave this world a tiny bit better than when we arrive. We seek to reduce pet food wastage while at the same time improving the lives of pets and owners.

Projects we are focusing on.

Reducing food wastage & carbon footprint.

According to the FEDIAF, a year’s supply of wet cat food for one pet has a footprint of 141 kg of carbon dioxide. Now multiply these figures by the estimated 60,000 (2016) pet cats in Singapore. We have only one earth, let us all do our part.

Pet Owner & cats everywhere.

We believe that bringing about a smoother pet journey for owners, leads to happier lives for both owner and cats, thus, reducing strays. Before strays are a thing of the past, we must do our best to improve the lives of existing strays.

Our partners 

Your help is instrumental in ensuring cats live a little better today than yesterday.